venerdì 3 giugno 2016

Sunflowers, Ladybirds and Love: an afternoon chez Lush!

While in Italy Mother's day was 4 weeks ago, in Luxembourg it will be celebrated on the 12th of June, and recently I had the chance to spend a lovely afternoon at Lush's, where we were introduced to this lovely new collection. This time I will let the pictures talk, to let you enjoy a taste of the lovely time I spent with the beautiful people in Lush and my lovely fellow blogger companion.

Mother's day in a word: flower.

And why not taste a nice cup of tea? Oh but wait, it's a lovely bubblebath!

It's really hard to choose, isn't it?

How not to fall in love with this sunflower...

..or those gracious Ladybirds?

And even if that's not part of the new collection, I found the perfect bath bomb for a geek like me!

The best afternoon with the nicest people!

And this what I brought home with me:

.. e not for me only, husbands also need to relax and my sweetheart loves the Dragon egg!

My personal little galaxy...

Even Yuna loved that collection! 

And now, time to go, we have some relax to do! 


Rey and Yuna

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